Sunday, April 9, 2017

Addiction Wars and Cultural Dishonesty, What to do...

Please read this very interesting article:

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

Here are my thoughts.  (Perhaps my rant.)

I agree generally speaking with the story here.  However, the writer appears to discount the small percentage but big numbers of folks who are lost in estrangement, behavior or chemical (or all of those) and have no ladder out because they have been so deeply anti-socialized in their families before the drug or behavior or estrangement is blamed later on.  Many refuse to go to meetings or have no clue how to find meaning in the society of meetings and even less in the society at large.  They have no emotional tools to find meaning in themselves and can't stop abandoning themselves and those they love.  Then you throw in prison culture, poverty, declining middle class, poor education opportunities, rampant political power struggle, rampant manipulation in media and relationship, guilting and shaming politicians, religions, families and peers and then they continue to be offered a cultural War On Drugs and class and racial and other minority baiting as solution.  And this is what every person trying to find their sobriety faces in their attempts at transition to better self-care and simpler, safer social life.  This environment is nothing at all like the facile-perfect little rat colony play parks the author offers us.  This shallow, too easy idea feels impossibly lacking in self-honesty and is quite full of emotional nakedness and dangerous pit falls that will find victims in so many of us having no tools to begin strengthening themselves. This sort of easy idea with no actual ladder is what many current and future addicts are and will be trying to escape. 
These issues abide in our culture and we are no where near close to even starting to back out of our huge shame based, punishment and race slavery profit motive prisons.
So I agree with his nice and true observations and the scientists he is agreeing with but he lacks for the courage of concept and the inspirational language and leadership (and perhaps self-honesty) to raise up the first generation of reformers that must emerge to pull this off eventually in our culture.
The changes it requires in our American culture alone will be so deep that it must be a revolution taking perhaps centuries.  How long has it taken SO FAR to establish basic rights for Women, Minorities and Children?  Where is the ERA? These days we are taking giant steps backwards.  And much of the rest of the world is even more backward on these cultural and social issues than ourselves (for the moment).
Of course a new and healthier culture must be built.  We progressives must stop fighting among ourselves FIRST if we are serious about making real progress on this mighty and inevitable project.  Inevitable, unless we are overcome first by a cultural collapse that these days (on darker days and those days are more frequent since last fall) feels imminent!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Leaving Us All Agape

                                                            Leaving Us All Agape
                                                               (For Beth 04-02-17) 
Love leaves us full of fearful holes
Filled then with care just enough
To choose chancy brinks
Come to suffer us to serve
Our maker and our fellow

Effort-fully we fill once more
Our Living Fragile and Holy Skin 
To prepare for the uses of love
The exhaustion of loss
Leaving us all agape again

a- +‎ gape,   ....wide open, shocked, dumbstruck, overwhelmed, surprised, ajar.
ah-gah-pey,    ...the love of God for man and of man for God
                               *various web sources

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Writing Grief and Joy

Mortal processes have beginnings, I suppose, but grief and joy have no necessary ends.  Feeling develops, sensation warps and bends in time.  Perspective changes everything if I allow my own re-planting and wonder at my own growth.  The fall of shadow moves through a day and under the moon too and around a calendar and when the story is written the calendar stretches indefinitely in a brazen challenge to mortality.