The purpose here is to invite you into the context and content of my current professional writing

The writing will deal with managing mood disorders, the effects of trauma and of immaturity by learning more effective self-care skills.

I will be sharing the influences and ideas that make my personal healing possible, that constitute my personal self-care, and that motivate my professional development.

We are all human together.  Every human gets frustrated, feels hurt, gets frightened and every life includes various kinds of trauma.  We all must drink water, eat food, sleep and dream, and provide for ourselves in similar ways every day.

So we all learn the skills we need to have in order to take care of ourselves physically.   Logically, we also need to learn the skills we need to have in order to to take care of ourselves emotionally.

Self-care is a universal human need.  This blog represents my ongoing curiosity about what ideas for self-care work for everybody.

What skills do each of us need in order to thrive in modern life as homo sapiens?

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