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I was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1948. My mom and dad, Margie and Chuck were born in 1921, married in 1941, and they both passed away in 2006. They were intelligent and strong. We had an upper-lower or lower-middle class life. (Sometimes middle lower.) There were great tensions and great dangers. They made mistakes and they loved well. Because of their strengths we all made it through together. It "almost didn't" turn out that way many times. Mom and dad got better at self care, their relationship, parenting and their friendships improved as they became elders.

Sister Becky and her husband Dick live in Chicago. She is a retired sociologist. Dick is a retired professor. Sister Beth lives in Columbus, Ohio and is a retired school councsilor. Her husband Joe died a few years ago. He had been a retired educator. Brother Rob lives in Seattle with his wife Sharon. He is a librarian at the U.W. Japanese Law Library and Sharon is a retired college faculty person. We have grown through life together and have all gotten better at it. I feel blessed to call each of them my friends.

My amazing son, Aaron lives and works with his wonderful wife, Amy in Minniapolis with their wonderful doggies, Phillie and Mikey. Amy works at an art museum in Minneapolis. Aaron works in a bank. They have settled in the middle of town. They have a private business in the works with great possibilities. Aaron and I have always loved music. Some times we find ways to collaborate. Those are the best of the best times for me.

Connie’s beautiful daughters Jennifer with her husband, Hamed Moshtagh live in Eastern Canada, and Emily with her husband, John Gomez live in Skagit County. They are raising our six exceptional grandchildren. Connie's parents, Bob and Velda line in Anacortes and provide support and love to Connie and a very large family that has spread around the USA. I feel fortunate to have their support and love as I continue to experience the loss of my parents in 2006. Bob has produced more than fifty little films which are available at: BOB BONNER FAMILY STORIES

Connie, Rob and Sharon and I spend time together often. We go on small local adventures together. Rob and I play gutars and sing together. We try to work up a good song and get better at doing it at our best.

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